Projects often range from

$2,500 to $15,000.

We love to work within budgets, please reach out with any questions, and we can talk more.

$25 per credit

(For a limited time!)

Think of credits like seconds of video. We charge our services this way to give our clients more control and transparency over their projects. If you are unsure of the details you need, we can give guidance on what could be best, to help bring the greatest return, for the anticipated result.


Step 1: Add the amount of seconds for your desired deliverable(s).

Step 2: Add the details (Add Ons) for each deliverable(s).

Step 3: Add the amount of Production hours it will take to shoot the necessary content.

Step 4: Check out the Credit Packs to help cut down on cost or bring more value to your project.


1 credit


Add Ons

(per deliverable)


1 credit

Title Animation

1 credit

Text Call out

1 credit

Lower Third

1 credit

Logo Animation

10 credits


50 credits

Platform Posting

5 credits


25 credits

Stock Purchase

25 credits

We are adding free credits to credit packs for a limited time!


(per project or deliverable)

25 credits

This can be difficult to determine the production length of different projects and their needs, if you're unsure of the amount of time may be needed, let us know, and we can help!


Cost - 70 credits

Length - 60 credits

Add Ons - 10 credits

  1. Music - 1 credit
  2. Title Animation - 1 credit
  3. Text Call Out - 8 credits


1 credit = 150 sq ft

Spaces less than 900 square feet incur a flat rate of 6 credits ($150 cost)

Google Street View (1 credit)*

Hosting (2 credits/yr)*

or $6.25/month*

*pricing is per virtual tour

Purchase 100 Credits, we'll add 50 more!

Value of $3,750 for a cost of only $2,500.


150 Credits

Value of $3,750

$2,500 total cost

315 Credits

Value of $7,875

$5,000 total cost

475 Credits

Value of $11,875

$7,500 total cost

650 Credits

Value of $16,250

$10,000 total cost

Deliverable use cases:

Social Media Ads, Website Loop, Facebook Cover Loop, Landing Page, Property Tour, Floor Plan Tour, Amenity Tour, Instagram, Google Business, Yelp, Linked In, Social Story, Lifestyle, Informative, Property Guidelines, Email Campaigns, Marketing Portfolio, Sales Funnel, Surrounding Area, TV Loop, Apartment Locators, Leasing Agents, Virtual Tour, and so much more.

Print-ready pdf of our pricing

Casper Productions - Price Sheet - 2021.pdf

Click the drop down for a description of the services listed above.

Deliverable: a completed video file that has been edited according to the requests and directions given to Casper Productions.

Music: a licensed music file that is used within the deliverable to help add flavor for a specific style, mood, or feel.

Title Animation: typically used at the beginning, to help establish the content of the video, for the audience.

Text Call Out: used to describe important parts of a scene, within a deliverable, that the audience should take notice of.

Lower Third: used to define and bring importance to a person within the video or a product or a scene.

Logo Animation: a simple way to add quality to any deliverable, this is typically used to bring life and style into the branding itself.

Interview: a scene where an individual is talking into or away from the camera, discussing a specific topic at hand. (Adding this accounts for the additional production time needed)

Platform Posting: if you need help getting the deliverable onto a specific platform, we can help getting it uploaded correctly.

Model: a person that is used in a deliverable or project to help demonstrate how a property, amenity, space, or product is used.

Stock Purchase: we gather all of the raw video files and consolidate them into a polished video file your team can use to create your own marketing content, rather than having to utilize iPhones or the time of a team member to capture something we have already captured with our cinema quality equipment (charged per deliverable, not per project).

Production: represents a person or crew, the video/photography equipment, lighting equipment, and time, that is needed to capture footage for a deliverable and/or project. Based on the deliverables or project, Casper Productions will define the amount of the time that is necessary. We have found that if you take the total amount of seconds for your deliverables/project and divide in half, that will be the amount of Production credits (time) that is needed for the project or deliverable (for example; a project that is 120 seconds of deliverables, will need a minimum of 50 credits of production time).

Matterport: is a virtual touring system, typically recognized as the gold standard in many industries, that comprises of an HDR Lidar Camera and a digital platform that is used to host and view virtual tours.

**Under rare circumstances, the prices listed above may need to be adjusted, due the specific needs or guidelines of a deliverable or project. Under these circumstances we discuss the details and request written approval, before moving forward on a given deliverable or project, in order to protect honesty and integrity with our clients.