$25 per second

Think of seconds like credits. Purchase seconds to build out your deliverable (video) or your project. Each deliverable is made up of different parts, the same way a house is made of different finishes and appliances. Build out deliverables and packages for what you need to reach your audience.

How it works

Total Length of Deliverable(s)

First add the total amount of seconds for your desired deliverables.

Add Ons

(per deliverable)
Add the details for the deliverable, to help describe its message, to best serve its purpose.


1 seconds

Title Animation

1 seconds

Text Call out

1 second

Lower Third

1 second

Logo Animation

10 seconds


50 seconds

Platform Posting

5 seconds


25 seconds

Stock Purchase

25 seconds


(per project or deliverable)

25 seconds

per hour


Cost - 70 Seconds

Length - 60 seconds

Add Ons - 10 seconds

  1. Music - 1 second
  2. Title Animation - 1 second
  3. Text Call Out - 8 seconds


1 second = 150 sq ft

Spaces less than 900 square feet incur a flat rate of 6 seconds ($150 cost)

Google Street View

1 second

Yearly Hosting

1 second

Purchase 100 Seconds, we'll add 50 more!

Value of $3,750 for a cost of only $2,500.

Our Best Selling Package

450 Seconds

Value of $11,250

$7,500 total cost

12 Deliverables

6 Hours of Production

Logo Animation

Stock Purchase

Or change it up, use those seconds towards what it is that you need!