Past/Present Analytics and Future Plan

Google Interactions

On a monthly basis, these are the amount of interactions from both Google web and Google map searches over the last 3 months.

  • Google
  • Yelp

Social Media Interactions

On a monthly basis, these are the amount of interactions from both Facebook and Instagram over the last 3 months.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Facebook Ad Analytics

These are the analytics from the last Facebook Ad that was ran back in April.

A reach is defined by the users that stopped and viewed the ad, while the clicks are the users that viewed and clicked to learn more.

  • Reach (62,560)
  • Link Clicks (2,196)

Market Value Added

The value added has been though enriching the ways Catalyst is viewed through social media, over web searches, and map searches.  Because Catalyst is a place to be inspired, not just a place to live, the us of creative, inspiring, high quality content in these areas is not only influential to the community but necessary to capture future residents.

Next 30 days

The next 30 days will be dedicated to fill the gaps we see Catalyst is missing with  informative content that future residents might be searching for.  Up until now we’ve created content that is could described as “eye candy” in a strategic way to get massive exposure and momentum.  Now we plan to create content that is informative as it relates to the amenities and the experience of living as a resident at Catalyst.

About Catalyst Video

This video features interviews with staff and footage that defines the amenities experienced at Catalyst.

Amenities Video

Different than the one currently on Google maps, this will be catered to facebook and the website with the goal of showing off the amenities.

360 Tours

Using the Matterport system of 360 tours, we will capture 360 tours of the all the amenities and model units so potential residents can experience catalyst at their conveniance before having set foot onto the Catalyst property.

Yelp Video

This video will be catered to Yelp, so that when people find Catalyst, they can watch a quick video about Catalyst.

Social Posts

Posting unreleased Social Media content to further increase followers and further expand the audience.