Campaign Concept

The idea is to describe the different “chapters” Allied offers for homeowners via short form content viewed on iPad.

Highlighting these Categories:

  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Gutters
  • Kitchen
  • Patio Covers
  • Radiant Shield
  • Doors & more.

Video Treatments

Taking each Chapter we create a lifestyle moment depicting a family or family member experiencing the benefit of the offered Allied services. Courtright will be explaining the benefits in detail around the moment being depicted.

Simonton Window Storyboard Example:

(A) Starting with an establishing shot of a family playing in the backyard yelling and having a fun time the camera zooms, dollies, or cuts out slowly. (B) Camera moves or cuts through the window revealing a baby room and the yelling gets quiet, showing the power of Simonton windows. (C) Camera cuts to reveal a baby sleeping quietly in a crib. (D) The camera then cuts to Courtright explaining the many benefits of the windows.

(A) Family yelling and playing in backyard.

Family Running Through Garden Sprinkler

(B) In baby room seeing family play in backyard through window.


(C) Baby sleeping soundly in crib not hearing family play..


(D) Courtright shown explaining the window quality.


Campaign Breakdown

  • (10) <2 min video
  • (20+) Stills

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(Ten) 2 min videos

Mixing Voice Over and/or dialogue through the video showing how a family’s quality of life is risen through the different services offered by Allied.

To be used for iPad.

Can also be used for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Etc

(Twenty +) Stills

From the High resolution video, we can pull stills that can be used for Website & Social Media.

Cost Breakdown

Total: $11,500

  • Production - $7,000
  • Post Production - $4,500

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Production - $7,000


20 hrs of Shooting with crew at given Locations (included in this is allotment will be travel time to locations, more locations equate to less shooting time while less locations equate to more shooting time.)

Post Production - $4,500

Deliverables Includes:


(10) <2 Min Videos

20+ Stills


Will deliver all video files and Stills in the standardized format for iPad, Social Media and Website Platforms.